OUterlink answers the

ntsb 2016 most wanted listed

March 1, 2016

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently released its 2016 Most Wanted list of transportation safety improvements.  Topping that list is the expanded use of recorders to enhance transportation safety.  The NTSB recommends the use of “cockpit image recorders” and “encourages operators across the industry to routinely review the recorded information in structured programs.”

Along with onboard data monitoring of voice and up to 300 parameters, the Outerlink Global Solutions IRIS system is equipped with a new digital camera that boasts 1080P resolution and variable focus allowing it to fit any cockpit size.  IRIS provides operators with unprecedented real-time insight into their aircrafts’ in-flight performance and status.  The monitoring and communications system includes features such as Global Push-To-Talk Radio and immediate alerts and warnings, with aircraft data transmitted every 10 seconds. The IRIS cameras deliver true HD video at a 30Hz frame rate per second and are uniquely capable of connecting together to provide synced video with the five (5) channel voice recorder as well as flight data and detailed animation. 

The NTSB’s Fact Sheet addressing the most wanted improvements acknowledges that even with data and voice recorders available in many cases, there are “some questions that could only have been answered through the data provided from an image recorder.”  The fact sheet goes on to say that “image recordings can help to fill in the gaps” by providing investigators and operators with first-hand knowledge of a driver or pilot’s activities. 

“We recognized the significant drawbacks to the current video recording options currently available.  We felt that a jpeg photo at 4 times per second and the limitation of having no synchronization between multiple cameras or with complete aircraft flight data was just not the quality we wanted to produce,” said Outerlink Director of Sales and Marketing Jeff Warner.  “Our IRIS system leaves no uncertainty to NTSB investigators with the capability of multiple 1080p HD video cameras and audio synced with the most comprehensive flight data available.”