Air IP

Uninterrupted, reliable, high-speed internet

take your productivity to the air

Air IP is an enterprise-grade router that provides broadband internet across multiple wide-area networks using revolutionary bonding technology.

The virtual connection behaves like a single connection with a single IP address and can be configured as a private network or hotspot.


Sending and receiving data in the aircraft has never been easier.

With Air IP, crews can send video streams to teams on the ground, while simultaneously receiving data.

Air IP offers up to 20 Mbps network speed and can provide a seamless connection to more than ten onboard clients with triple redundancy while maintaining a secure VPN for all communications.


Our innovative technology provides a seamless and reliable connection, ensuring your work won’t be interrupted just because you’re a few thousand feet above the ground.

Air IP has you covered no matter where you are.  You’ll enjoy the same reliable connection whether you’re flying over a busy city or a remote area, making it the perfect choice for helicopter owners that want to stay connected and productive in the air.