Software Solutions

Unlock the data that allows your business to make critical mission decisions, manage your fleet in real time and boost revenues.

Outerlink Console™

Outerlink Global Solutions strives to design and deploy the most efficient way to keep your mobile assets connected and delivering on-demand actionable data to your dispatch or billing centers.

Outerlink Console™ is the linchpin of the Outerlink product suite as well as a standalone software offering. Outerlink Console™ Software provides an interactive tracking and dispatching platform for all of your air, ground or marine fleet communication needs. Outerlink Console™ is a truly unique and dynamic visual communications platform.



Designed to assist customers with easy to use Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) programs,  the Flight Analysis Safety Trends and Reporting System (FASTARS) provides a full software suite.  

The suite includes each STC’d aircraft configuration with full graphing and tabular data display.  In addition, an event module allows customers to build a custom set of operational events to evaluate fleet performance.