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IRIS is a combined Voice, Video and Flight Data Recorder that has been fully integrated into a satellite communications platform and has been designed to adapt to the ever-changing satellite industry without forcing the operator to replace outdated components. The IRIS System gives users the capability to record large amounts of aircraft data, process it through an onboard computer and filter it directly to communication centers or Operational Control Centers every 10 seconds. The solution provides worldwide coverage, allowing immediate communication air-to-ground, ground-to-air or air-to-air with Push-To-Talk VoIP radio.

IRIS also delivers immediate alerts and warnings.  Not only can IRIS be adapted to new satellite networks, it gives customers two satellite network capability.

CP-3i rev f comm port

The CP-3i Rev F Comm Port is a best-in-class mapping, tracking and dispatching software.  Unlike the limited capability of common tracking devices, the CP-3i Rev F can offer Automatic MayDay Activation in case of an accident.  It also provides customers with a Lite Flight Data Recorder which records internally generated Pitch, Roll and Yaw data.  With mulitiple I/O bits, the customer can set up the unit to send messages on water bucket activity and other customer-defined discrete events.